Promoting ClickBank Nigeria Using PPC

Of all of the marketing strategies according to Prospernoah, Pay-Per-Click is the most effective marketing method to promote ClickBank. Most people write articles to promote these programs (free traffic). However, marketers that make a decent profit with ClickBank, do it through pay-per-click. This article explores some of these secrets to making good revenue with pay-per-click.

1. Find a High Paying, High Converting Product

For the beginner, find a product with at least a 20 for the Gravity. When spending money for traffic don’t test the new products or the new launches.
Most stay away from products that are “over saturated.” Don’t let that stop you, you just have to get a little creative in your keyword research. You can still make pretty good bank with these products.
As I said, for the beginner, stay in the range of 20 – 50 Gravity range. Don’t go for the high Gravity products just yet, well until you get the hang of the whole process of using PPC.

2. Using Alternate Angles for a Niche

Bidding on terms like “weight loss” is pretty pointless. Everyone is using terms like this, try bidding on “Treadmills” or “Tips for Jogging?”
Your priority at this point is to find keywords that you can get on the first page for under $.20 cents a click. When the competition is low then you can get lots of traffic through main keywords. For the highly competitive markets you will have to use some more brain power to get the same results.
Find different ways to attack the problem. Try to find people who are looking for your product, but, using different keywords.

3. Tracking, Tracking, Tracking

Most winning PPC campaigns start out as losing campaigns. It’s not unusual to spend $100 to make $60, believe it or not, that’s considered a winner.
At this point, you must tweak and optimize your ads and landing pages to up your conversion rates. Spending well over a hundred bucks at the start during this process is quite common, however, after your testing your campaign can make you hundreds of dollars. You pretty much can let it run on autopilot month after month.
Super affiliates test their campaigns to the point of efficiency. Everything is tracked on the keywords. It is best to use only one keyword per ad. For every keyword, write a different ad.

4. Other PPC Networks

First start testing using Google AdWords. Use no content network or partner networks. You want to see how your traffic converts on Google. Once you are making money, then go to another partner network.
Try your campaigns on Yahoo/Bing! Search Marketing and MSM Ad Center. This is only after you have a profitable campaign through Google.
If you want to try your hand at the content network then please, go for it! Content network traffic is least targeted and converts rather badly.
Bringing it to a Close
Find a product with good conversion rates and high payout, look for different angles to promote it, track and test thoroughly. With this in mind, you can create a very profitable pay-per-click campaign.