What are the Pros and Cons of having Guest Beds at your Home?

You need to have extra guest beds or mattresses at home if you frequently entertain friends and guests at your place as sleeping on sofa or the floor is certainly not comfortable for anyone. That being said, it is equally important to buy beds of popular brand or a trusted manufacturer. People also order for beds online today and on Internet it becomes even more difficult to trust the companies and brands. So, always go with something popular like Booths Furniture when you are ordering home furniture, beds or pillows for your home. Let us take a look at what are the pros and cons of having extra beds or guest beds at your place.


  • The biggest obvious advantage is that you have comfortable bedding for all your friends and guests who come to your place. You can offer them a comfortable night of sleep at your place and you don’t have to worry about arranging beds and space for accommodating your guests. If you don’t have extra beds then you may have to request your friends to bring along mats or camping beds or you may have to ask them to sleep on sofas that can not only disrupt you but also make it uncomfortable for your guests.
  • You can buy guest beds that serve dual purpose. Sofa beds are the right solutions as when there are no guests you can unfold them and convert that extra room in your house into a mini bed room. At other times they can be converted into a regular sofa. There also are many divan guest beds available that can have many drawers. This way you not only have enough space for guests but some slots even to store some of your stuffs.
  • Since these are extra beds and won’t always be in use, you don’t necessarily have to spend a bomb on them buying only top of the brand products. That being said you shouldn’t spend on something very ordinary either.


  • Some of these foldable beds are very complicated to install and things become even more difficult when you don’t have enough time to install these beds before your guests arrive. When you are buying these foldable extra beds online, often the websites tend to show you how easy they are to install but you should be doubly cautious about these things.
  • Even if you have enough empty space in your house or have an empty room, a guest bed can chew off a significant amount of space in your house. This can be very frustrating as you use these beds very few times in a year but they eat a huge space in your home on all the days of a year. Choosing a right foldable or sofa bed can be a smarter option but more importantly you should be aware that you don’t end up spending on something that is giving you more trouble in the future and even though you don’t need to spend heavy, you should spend on the right products.

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